Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the wrong product go in the Cart?
Always select a product option from the drop-down menu, as selecting a product picture does not change the product option. If you select Add To Cart after selecting ate picture, you might enter the wrong option to the Cart. Selecting a product option from the menu changes the product picture and insures the correct product goes in the cart.
What will Kapiti Knitting and Lotto do with my personal information?
Kapiti Knitting and Lotto will not give your personal information to anyone else. Your information is used for contacting you about your order, and delivering your order (if required), or promotional emails if you have given consent to do so.
How accurate are the Product Quantities?
Kapiti Knitting and Lotto product quantities are updated hourly online, so there may be differences due to retail customers purchasing in-store.
Why didn't the payment go through?
As our in-store product quantities are updated hourly, the total available quantities may not be correct due to an in-store customer purchase. We check that all the products are in stock before finalising the payment.
What if there's a stock level problem with my order?
If you put an order through, and we discover there is not enough stock to fulfil the order, we will contact you and discuss what you would like to do, change the order quantities, wait for incoming stock to arrive and continue the order, or cancel the order.
Do you have anything else other than yarn and patterns?
Yes, we also have all your sewing (except sewing machines) and knitting needs covered, as well as gifts, greeting cards, hats, New Zealand souvenirs and Lotto in store. We will be adding other ranges to our online store at a later stage.